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About Us

We are here to Serve the Citizens of Arizona 

The Arizona State Militia exists solely to render aide in time of great need or catastrophe. We partner with local municipalities/government to train, plan, and assist when called upon. 

The Arizona State Militia has existed for many years and as such has taken on many shapes and shifted in many directions, with the north star always being the safety and security of Arizona Citizens. With the US and the Arizona Constitutions as our road map, our goal is to be here when we are needed most. We will always put the citizens of Arizona first. 


The Arizona State Militia under Jan Brewer was poised to be the Official Militia of the State of Arizona. Times have changed but our dedication to this great state has not wavered. 


In order to ensure we are staying true to our mission there are a great number of things we WON'T participate in, these are just a few:

 We do not align ourselves politically.

We do not align ourselves with a particular belief or religion.

We do not participate in demonstrations or rallies in any capacity.

We do not discriminate. All people are welcome to join, participate, contribute, and lead.

We are not Anarchist or Anti Government.

We will not operate outside the law.

For all of the items listed above, there are so many other things that we limit ourselves too. We are not a para-military group that is trying to "start" something or push a particular agenda. We believe that the way we structure ourselves and how we train and prepare is the original intent of the Militia. To be comprised of citizens, trained and instructed in a manner that allows for the safety and security of the citizenry and the free state.   

Thank you for Reading,

The Arizona State Militia

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