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Arizona State Militia

Serving the People of Arizona

Our goal is to be an impactful public service to the citizens of Arizona. We are an apolitical group who value our members diverse backgrounds and experiences.

What Is the Arizona State Militia?

Let's Talk first about what we are not. We are not an anarchist, antigovernment, religious, or politically affiliated group. And as such we do not involve ourselves in the public action of those movements. We exist solely to aid the people of Arizona in times of need. Natural disaster, civil unrest, infrastructure collapse and scenarios of the like are what we train for. We welcome all who hold the US/Arizona Constitutions and the Bill Of Rights as the highest laws of the land

Get Involved 

Not everyone will find themselves on the frontline, but there is a place for everyone of any capacity to help! What can you bring to the table to help your community, friends and family



Serving Arizona

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