Traditional Bushcraft skills and projects
[Image: basket-making-title-pic.jpg]

A step by step project written for beginners 

[Image: bowdrilltitle.jpg]

Full tutorial, Includes useful list of suitable wood types plus some of my tricks to make life easier.

[Image: whistletitle.jpg]

An easy and fun thing to make - all you need is a pocket knife...


[Image: kuksa%20title.jpg]

Carving a ClassicKuksa Cup 

Step by step guide to carving a traditional Kuksa cup.

[Image: dishtitle.jpg]

Carved from half of a log in a similar way to the Kuksa cup. A useful culinary object for the Bushcraft camp.

[Image: ckctitle.jpg]

A simple design for a sheath made from an off-cut of wood


[Image: bbctitle.jpg]

The ever useful Birch Bark - ideal for making excellent containers for a multitude of uses -  A step by step guide. 

[Image: bbbtitle.jpg]

Basic weaving technique good for beginners and you can also use dead bark.

[Image: birch-bark-tray-article.jpg]

Simple, Practical and easy to make.



[Image: canoetitle.jpg]

My 1st Skin On Frame Canoe Project

A photo guide showing how I built my first canoe using materials from the woods and a simple canvas covering.

[Image: canoetitlepic.jpg]

Article taking you through every stage of how I made this canvas covered canoe. parts simply made from Willow and other spare wood.

[Image: articletitlepiccanoe3.jpg]

A 'build-along' article with notes - shows each stage of construction. 



[Image: lbtitle.jpg]

How to strip and process the bark resulting in the finest cordage material of the woods. A truly excellent fibre.

[Image: cordage-making-article.jpg]

Cordage Making
Three techniques for cordage making explained plus list of suitable materials


[Image: nettlertitle.jpg]

Step by step guide... How to separate the very strong cordage fibres from Nettle stems before twisting them into cord.


[Image: willow-bark-article.jpg]

Surely one of the best cordage materials; Willow bark is both abundant and relatively easy to process.

[Image: brtitle.jpg]

A fun craft and great to project to start learning knife skills for carving wood.

[Image: hookrtitle.jpg]

make a hook using only what nature provides... A thorn, strong natural fibres and a piece of wood


[Image: tartitle.jpg]

How to extract the precious tar from Birch bark and then make it into a useful Bushcraft glue.

[Image: coiltitle.jpg]

This is an old article now but is still good for introducing you to the basics of coil basketry.


[Image: fishtraptitle.jpg]

Step by step guide to making and using your very own fish trap -  primitive materials and methods...


[Image: titlepic.jpg]

A very useful piece of equipment for grinding down all kinds of seeds, nuts and roots. I Use hot coals to burn out the mortar cup.

[Image: titlepic.jpg]

Making a Berry Picker

Two designs for a home-made berry picker. Ideal for picking Bilberries and Cowberries.

[Image: beechcontainertitle.jpg]

An unusual type of bark to work with... But it can be used as you'll see...


[Image: nettlesouptitlepic.jpg]

A simple, quick and enjoyable soup packed with goodness!


[Image: cordialtitle.jpg]

Its so simple to make and tastes so good... A must try. Elderflowers start coming into bloom late May.

[Image: combtitle.jpg]

Step by step guide - From a chip off a firewood log to a finished working comb


[Image: titlepic-ammocanstove.jpg]

Step by step article showing how to make this neat stove from an ammo box which can be used to heat certain tents.

[Image: skis-title-pic.jpg]

Article showing each stage of making a pair of skis
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