Arizona State Militia - Registration Agreement

General membership in the Arizona State Militia is open to all lawful citizens of the State of Arizona above the age of 18, provided the applicant is not a felon, prohibited-possessor, racist, radical/extremist or anti-government person. There shall be no discrimination due to, race, sex, national origin, religion, political affiliation, or physical characteristics. Membership is strictly voluntary. All potential members of the ASM must be legally able to possess a firearm, must be a United States Citizen, and a resident of the State of Arizona.

As you move through the recruitment process, you must be able to provide proof that you are not a felon or prohibited person from owning a firearm. The following is a list of requirements that you may need to provide that will assist in determining your eligibility for enlistment within the ASM. 1) Photo ID which contains your full name and DOB. 2) A copy of your military or law enforcement service record/discharge papers. 3) A copy of your CCW if you have one 4) A copy of your personal background check through the Sheriff’s Dept. 5) A copy of your personal security clearance if available. If any of the above forms of verification cannot be provided within 14 days, your application may become null and void.

Failure to comply with these rules may result in the termination of your account, account suspension, or permanent ban of access to these forums. Your IP Address is recorded with each post you make on this discussion system and is retrievable by the forum staff if need-be. You agree that we have the ability and right to remove, edit, or lock any account or message at any time should it be seen fit. You also agree that any information you enter on this discussion system is stored in a database, and that "cookies" are stored on your computer to save your login information.

By clicking "agree" below, I certify that the following are true: All answers that I have chosen to answer on this form are truthful and correct to the best of my knowledge. I understand that the Arizona State Militia is a VOLUNTEER force; I will receive no pay, equipment or benefits; I am responsible for obtaining all of my personal equipment, weapons, supplies and other standard items; I am legally permitted to own a firearm (unless designated otherwise), that I am not a convicted felon, and that I have never been convicted of domestic violence or sexual offenses; my enlistment in the Arizona State Militia has no set time limit; my enlistment/commission will remain in effect until such time as I resign or I am removed from the organization. I understand that I will be removed and permanently banned if I participate in any illegal activity, racist activity (including any statements), sexual offenses or harassment, or if I fail to uphold the oath and duties of the position I am appointed to.

By continuing with the sign up process you agree to the above and any other rules that command staff specifies.